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Happy National Physicians Week


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (Blue KC) wants to wish providers Happy National Physicians Week! We want to express our gratitude for everything you do to take care of our community and beyond. We greatly appreciate the dedication and compassion that you demonstrate each day to help our members. Thank you for your partnership in providing quality care.

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Medical Policy Updates

New Blue KC Policies

The most up-to-date Medical Policy can be found by logging into and clicking on the Medical Policies section. While on that web page, you can also find a link to view Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG), which complement our Blue KC policies.

The Blue KC Medical Policy encompasses internal Blue KC Medical Policy, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association derived Medical Policy and policies adopted from our vendor partners, such as Avalon, MCG and eviCore.

New Blue KC Policies
Effective date – 4/1/2024 ID: 5.01.38
Title: Monoclonal Antibodies for Treatment of Alzheimer Disease – New Policy
Effective date – 5/22/2024 ID: 10.01.541.MA
Title: Belle: In-Home Foot Care – Medicare Advantage Only

Prostate Artery Embolization Reminder

To improve patient care, coverage has been expanded for Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE), effective February 12, 2024. PAE is supported in accordance with updated guidelines from the American Urological Association (AUA). To view updated Blue KC Medical Policies, log into and click on the Medical Policies section.

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Prior Authorization Updates

New Go-Live Date: Blue KC Musculoskeletal Surgical Quality & Safety Management Program in Partnership with TurningPoint

Blue KC is pleased to launch a new and innovative Musculoskeletal Surgical Quality and Safety Management Program with TurningPoint Healthcare Solutions, LLC, who will partner with Blue KC to oversee prior authorization requests on Musculoskeletal Surgical Procedures. The program will now be effective as soon as July 1, 2024, and is designed to work collaboratively with physicians to promote patient safety through the practice of high quality and cost-effective care for our members receiving Musculoskeletal Surgical Procedures.

  • The program will apply to the following Blue KC Membership: Commercial, Blue Medicare Advantage, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA. Note: Blue KC will be adopting TurningPoint’s Medical Polices for all applicable prior authorization requests for all other lines of business, effective as soon as July 1, 2024.
  • The earliest TurningPoint will start accepting prior authorization requests for Commercial, Blue Medicare Advantage, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA will be June 14, 2024, for dates of service on or after July 1, 2024.
  • For more details, including a list of the impacted CPT codes that TurningPoint will manage, log into, and see the Blue KC Musculoskeletal article under Recent News on the home page.

Code Updates

The codes below will be added to our prior authorization list, effective May 1, 2024. Be sure to use your log-in credentials at, and click on our enhanced Prior Authorization function on the home page to view current prior authorization lists.

Code Description Effective date Line of Business
0720T Percutaneous electrical nerve field stimulation, cranial nerves, without implantation 5/1/2024 COMMERCIAL AND ACA
21685 Hyoid myotomy and suspension 5/1/2024 COMMERCIAL
93228 External mobile cardiovascular telemetry with electrocardiographic recording, concurrent computerized real time data analysis and greater than 24 hours of accessible ECG data storage (retrievable with query) with ECG triggered and patient selected events transmitted to a remote attended surveillance center for up to 30 days; review and interpretation with report by a physician or other qualified health care professional 5/1/2024 COMMERCIAL AND ACA
93229 External mobile cardiovascular telemetry with electrocardiographic recording, concurrent computerized real time data analysis and greater than 24 hours of accessible ECG data storage (retrievable with query) with ECG triggered and patient selected events transmitted to a remote attended surveillance center for up to 30 days; technical support for connection and patient instructions for use, attended surveillance, analysis and transmission of daily and emergent data reports as prescribed by a physician or other qualified health care professional 5/1/2024 COMMERCIAL AND ACA

CMS Final Rule

On April 5, 2023, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the Final Rule that impacts our Blue Medicare Advantage (MA) line of business, effective January 1, 2024. CMS re-enforces a requirement for MA plans to use CMS criteria, including those established by National Coverage Determinations and Local Coverage Determinations.

When medical necessity criteria for a service have not been fully established by CMS, MA plans may create publicly accessible internal coverage criteria based on current evidence in widely used treatment guidelines or clinical literature. When content gaps occur, we will continue to use Blue KC Medical Policies and Milliman Care Guidelines (MCG) to help create our medical necessity decisions.

Blue KC would like to make sure providers know that there is nothing in the new rule that prohibits MA plans from continuing to prior authorize services. The rule does include a statement that MA plans will be required to cover all services covered by Medicare when medically necessary.

We have included CMS comments from Final Rule 4201-F below to help explain how the Final Rule will impact our MA members:

  • Regarding inpatient admissions at 412.3, we confirm that the criteria listed at 412.3(a)-(d) apply to MA. We acknowledge that 412.3 is a payment rule for Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS). However, providing payment for an item or service is one way that MA organizations provide coverage for benefits. Therefore, under § 422.101(b)(2), an MA plan must provide coverage by furnishing, arranging for, or paying for an inpatient admission when, based on consideration of complex medical factors documented in the medical record:
    • the admitting physician expects the patient to require hospital care that crosses two midnights (§ 412.3(d)(1), the “two-midnight benchmark”)
    • when admitting physician does not expect the patient to require care that crosses two midnights, but determines, based on complex medical factors documented in the medical record that inpatient care is nonetheless necessary (§ 412.3(d)(3), the "case-by-case exception")
    • and when inpatient admission is for a surgical procedure specified by Medicare as inpatient only (§ 412.3(d)(2)).
  • It is important to clarify that the “two-midnight presumption” (the presumption that all inpatient claims that cross two midnights following the inpatient admission order are “presumed” appropriate for payment and are not the focus of medical review absent other evidence) does not apply to MA plans.
  • This final rule supports the continued use of prior authorization for selected services and for concurrent case management review of inpatient admissions based on whether the complex medical factors documented in the medical record support medical necessity of the inpatient admission, under either the two-midnight benchmark, Medicare inpatient-only list, or the case-by-case exception.
  • As a reminder, all requests for inpatient admissions require that we be notified of the admission. If you are requesting prior authorization for a group of codes, one of which is on the inpatient-only list, it is required that you request the inpatient admission as a part of the prior authorization process.

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Payment Policy Updates

Fracture Care

Effective April 1, 2024, Blue KC will have a new Payment Policy titled POL-PP-244 Fracture Care. This policy covers guidelines on:

  • Initial Cast, Splint or Strapping Without Restorative Procedure
  • Initial Cast, Splint or Strapping with Restorative Procedure
  • Global and Split Fracture Care
  • Restorative Procedure in the Emergency Department
  • Removal or Replacement of Cast, Splint or Strapping
  • Supplies

For more details regarding this payment policy, visit the log-in page at and click on Go to Payment Policies.

Dental Services and Procedures Update

Blue KC has the following update regarding payment policy POL-PP-131 Dental Services and Procedures:

  • Laryngeal function studies are considered investigational when performed by a dental provider.

Prolonged Services Update

Several updates have been made to Blue KC Payment Policy POL-PP-129 Prolonged Services:

  • On 1/1/2024, CMS changed the status of HCPCs code G2211 from status B (bundled) to status A (active). Before this time, payment for G2211 was bundled into payment for other services.
  • Blue KC will reimburse G2211 for our Blue Medicare Advantage lines of business when diagnosis and documentation support medical necessity.
  • Blue KC maintains the position that we will not separately reimburse for G2211 for Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business because Blue KC considers payment for G2211 to be included in the overall cost of the office visit (codes 99202-99205, 99212-99215). Separate payments made for G2211 with dates of service on or after 1/1/2024 that impact Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business will be recouped beginning 4/1/2024.
  • The following description and guidelines for G2211, which is known as Visit Complexity Inherent to Evaluation and Management (E/M), apply to our Blue Medicare Advantage line of business:
    • Think about the relationship between you and the patient when deciding to bill G2211. Bill G2211 if:
      • You’re the continuing focal point for all needed services, like a primary care practitioner.
      • You’re giving ongoing care for a single, serious condition or a complex condition, like sickle cell disease or HIV.
    • You must document the reason for billing the E/M visit. The visit itself would need to be medically reasonable and necessary for the practitioner to report G2211. In addition, the documentation would need to illustrate the medical necessity of the E/M visit. Additional documentation is not required. The medical record documentation may be reviewed to assure the medical necessity of the visit and the accuracy of the time spent. These items could serve as supporting documentation for billing code G2211:
      • Information included in the medical record or in the claim’s history for a patient/practitioner combination, such as diagnoses,
      • The practitioner’s assessment and plan for the visit,
      • Other service codes billed.
  • G2211 is reported in conjunction with an office or other outpatient E/M service. This code reflects the time, intensity and practice expense involved in providing services to a patient on a consistent, ongoing basis.
  • Policy name changed to “Prolonged Service and Visit Complexity.”

ICD-10 Manifestation Codes Update

Here are the following updates for Blue KC Payment Policy POL-PP-230 ICD-10 Manifestation Codes:

  • Description and guidelines for ICD-10 Sequela diagnosis codes were added.
  • Sequela diagnosis are the late effects of an injury. According to the ICD-10-CM Manual guidelines, a sequela code cannot be listed as the primary, first listed or principal diagnosis on a claim, nor can it be the only diagnosis on a claim.
  • Policy name changed to “ICD-10 Manifestation and Sequela Diagnosis”.

Billing Update for Code 92520

Effective May 3, 2024, Blue KC will implement an edit that will deny Code 92520 as investigational when billed by a provider with a specialty of dentistry. As a reminder, per BKC-A-0559, it is most common for speech-language pathologists and otolaryngologists to bill using 92520. There will not be reimbursement for this code for dental professionals, as this is considered to be out of their professional scope of practice.

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Pharmacy Policy Updates

New Pharmacy Policy

The following new Blue KC pharmacy policy will be effective April 1, 2024, it impacts our Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business and requires prior authorization:

New Pharmacy Policy
Policy Number Policy Name Summary
5.02.656 Veopoz (pozelimab-bbfg) FDA Approved for D55-deficient protein-losing enteropathy (PLE), CHAPLE disease; IV and SQ: Medical-Rx benefit

Recent Pharmacy Policies

Here’s a look at recent Blue KC pharmacy policies that impact our Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business and require prior authorization after they became effective on March 1, 2024:

Recent Pharmacy Policies
Policy Number Policy Name Summary
5.02.653 Ycanth (cantharidin) FDA Approved for Molluscum Contagiosum (MC); topical; Medical-Rx benefit
5.02.654 Elrexfio (elranatamab-bcmm) FDA Approved for R/R Multiple Myeloma; SQ; Medical-Rx benefit
5.02.655 Talvey (talquetamab-tgvs) FDA Approved for R/R Multiple Myeloma; SQ; Medical-Rx benefit

2024 Pharmacy Benefit Changes

Blue KC wants to make providers aware that effective January 1, 2024, our ACA QHP for Individual/Family members are limited to a maximum of 34 days supply per prescription. As a result, existing prescriptions at Optum Home Delivery must be transferred to a member’s retail pharmacy due to Optum Pharmacy only filling prescriptions that are 90 days.

Optum is aware of this change and has a system in place to assist members with this process. Impacted members received a letter on December 1, 2023, regarding this new policy. Providers and members can search for in-network retail pharmacies at

Discontinuation of Flovent HFA

Blue KC wants to make sure you have the following information regarding the discontinuation of brand name Flovent HFA, which has a generic drug name of Fluticasone Propionate HFA:

  • With little advance public notice, drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) discontinued the supply of Flovent HFA, effective January 1, 2024.
  • Blue KC notified impacted members in December 2023 with a letter that included a list of preferred alternatives. A new prescription will be required to switch to one of the preferred alternatives below:
    • Arnuity Ellipta
    • QVAR Redihaler
  • Additionally, a generically named version of Flovent HFA (Fluticasone HFA) is available. Although generically named Fluticasone HFA is not a true generic in terms of pricing and FDA approval status, members who are five years of age or younger may access Fluticasone HFA without restriction. Prior authorization is required for members older than five years.
  • This communication impacts our Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business.

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Blue Medicare Advantage Updates

Diabetic Testing Supplies

Please be aware that the preferred brand of testing supplies for our Blue Medicare Advantage plans is Contour. This includes a meter, test strips and lancets. Contour brand supplies are a $0 cost share at retail pharmacies.

Non-preferred brands such as One Touch, Accu-Chek and Freestyle will lead to a 20% cost share for your patients.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Blue Medicare Advantage has two preferred Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) products: Freestyle and Dexcom. Any other CGM product will require approval through the normal exception process.

Reminder – CGM products should only be prescribed to patients who meet the current CMS criteria. This includes:

  • Member is diagnosed with diabetes
  • CGM is prescribed in accordance with its FDA indications for use
  • Practitioner has concluded that the beneficiary (or beneficiary’s caregiver) has sufficient training using the CGM prescribed as evidenced by providing a prescription
  • Beneficiary meets at least one of the criteria:
    • Insulin-treated
    • History of problematic hypoglycemia with documentation as specified in LCD L33822
  • In-person visit within 6 months

What do Patients Think about their Healthcare Experience?

The Medicare population Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) consortium has been studying this correlation for nearly 25 years. The CAHPS key patient experience measures correlate with patient trust, understanding and compliance with healthcare provider recommendations (Anhang-Price et al., 2014).

In 2024 Blue KC is striving to improve three of the CAHPS composite measures: Getting Needed Care, Getting Appointments and Care Quicky and Care Coordination. There are some known opportunities to improve patient experience. Here are some suggestions from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ):

Improve getting needed care and care coordination by streamlining your referrals.
Improve all three measures by adding care coordinator components to nursing roles.
  • Utilize Care Coordinators for returning patient calls, scheduling appointments, assisting with authorizations, escalating patient concerns that require quick intervention, and coordinating efforts to ensure test results and next steps are communicated to patients (
Using quality improvement principles to improve patient experience has been effective in demonstrating small measurable changes over short periods of time.
  • Visualize and document current practices to surface opportunities to intervene with pilot studies using Plan Do Study Act cycles.
  • Spread high performance through workshop presentations, and process audits to create highly standardized efficient processes.
  • Use a customer service mindset to streamline communication and create friendly office experiences for patients that are conducive to healing and keep communication with patients top priority (
Improving patient experience is not only good for patient experience, but it is also beneficial for provider experience.

References: Anhang Price, R., Elliott, M. N., Zaslavsky, A. M., Hays, R. D., Lehrman, W. G., Rybowski, L., ... & Cleary, P. D. (2014); Examining the role of patient experience surveys in measuring health care quality; Medical Care Research and Review, 71(5), 522-554.

The Power of the Annual Wellness Visit and Pre-Visit Planning

Navigating the complex landscape of patient care, administrative tasks and quality metrics is a lot to manage. That is why the annual wellness visit (AWV) stands as a pivotal opportunity to enhance patient outcomes by closing annual gaps early in the year to boost your practice’s performance. Pre-visit planning is key to getting the most out of this power punched comprehensive visit.

The AWV is more than a routine checkup; it’s a strategic encounter. During a typical visit, you will assess your patient’s health risks, provide preventive screenings, and develop a tailor-made healthcare plan. However, the AWV is more than these clinical tasks. It is also your opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your patient and build trust. In fact, patients who place trust in their doctors are more inclined to actively invest in their healthcare plan, and ultimately, achieve better health outcomes.

Pre-Visit Planning is a valuable opportunity to ensure that both you and your staff are well-informed about each scheduled patient’s current health status and health needs. Collaborative efforts among nurses, pharmacists and other professionals in your practice create an environment where you can invest more time in establishing meaningful connections with your patients while building a care plan that aligns with their lifestyle and unique social determinants of health. Here are some sample Pre-Visit Planning Topics:

1-2 days before the visit:
  • A designated team member reviews each patient’s notes to make sure lab test results are up to date, and if scheduled tests were not completed, calls the patient to inquire about them.
Day of, before your office opens, the care team reviews:
  • Diagnosis codes.
  • Open gaps in care such as needed immunizations, annual lab tests, preventative health care screenings or needed referrals.
  • Special needs that should be accommodated. For example, those who may need a larger room because they are wheelchair bound or a room nearer the waiting room because they have difficulty walking.
  • Staff needs that require shuffling responsibilities, i.e., an RN needs an early lunch break for personal needs.

In conclusion, pre-visit planning isn’t just about meetings and paperwork; it’s about improving patient care and practice performance. By embracing this proactive approach, routine visits can evolve into meaningful interactions that elevate the patient’s experience and increase efficiency in your practice. These seemingly small steps can yield significant results, influencing CAHPS scores and increasing Star Ratings.

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Recent Change Healthcare Cyberattack

As you may know, Change Healthcare (CHC), one of the largest healthcare technology companies in the United States, was recently hit by a cyberattack. This has caused network disruptions nationwide.

If you are experiencing any difficulties submitting claims to Blue KC because of the CHC situation, please reach out to our clearinghouse, Administrative Services of Kansas (ASK), to explore the following options:

Option 1: Establish a direct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection with ASK, which would bypass any existing connection providers have with CHC for the submission of claims electronically.

Option 2: Request a copy of PC-Ace, a free software package that allows providers to submit claims electronically to ASK and Blue KC.

To reach the EDI Help Desk at ASK, call 1-800-472-6481.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your provider account executive, or call the Blue KC Provider Hotline at 816-395-3929 or 1-800-456-3759.

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2024 Blue KC Member ID Card Changes

In recent years, QR codes have grown in popularity across industries. The technology is a fast, effective way to access information. Since January 2022, Blue KC member ID cards have included the now-familiar QR code, as well as deductible and out-of-pocket (OOP) maximum information. The QR code links to the Health Benefit Plan Summary, which features information regarding deductibles, OOP maximums, cost share for various medical services and pharmacy benefits and copays.

Now that deductibles and OOP maximums are accessible via a QR code, Blue KC will no longer print them on ID cards. Starting March 25, 2024, ID cards printed for renewals and ID card reorders include just the QR code.

This allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by no longer printing and mailing ID cards each year. Blue KC is pleased to do its part to be environmentally conscious. The change only impacts our Commercial, ACA QHP for Individual/Family and Small Group ACA lines of business. Below is a sample card image that features the changes:

Member ID Member ID Details

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Data Revalidation Project

Blue KC wants to remind our providers that we are embarking on a data revalidation project from January 2024 through March 2024. This project will include:

  • Validate the data we currently have for the facility, group or practitioner.
  • Confirm the credentialing and directory data is accurate for the facility, group or practitioner.
  • Ensure our members can find care efficiently and with correct information.

We will request these reviews through rosters and outreach directly to the provider offices via phone calls, fax and email. We appreciate your assistance with this project to help our members receive the best care.

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Log into Provider Portal for New Helpful Forms


Blue KC is seeing a pattern of providers using old forms for provider updates and credentialing. As reported in previous Blue KC provider publications, we have new versions of these forms on our Provider Portal, so we will no longer be accepting old forms.

We have an easier-to-use Provider Updates Form and six different form options to meet your credentialing needs, from initial credentialing to revalidation. You must be able to log into the Provider Portal and have a Portal account to access these forms. We make it easy to create an account! Click here to learn how.

To find these enhanced forms, log into, click on Forms under Quick Links on the home page and look under the Provider Services header.

Note: For provider updates and credentialing, Blue KC will no longer accept faxed or email requests from contracted providers due to the need for all required data elements to be submitted. (The OON is not an online form and an exception to this.)

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Timely Filing Claim Adjustments

Blue KC is providing helpful information for timely filing. We want to make sure you know claim adjustments must be made within 12 months of the original paid date for claims previously processed by Blue KC.

For an overview and other steps to follow for timely filing, please review our Provider Reference Guide at this link: The timely filing section is on page 5.

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Local Groups Partner with National Alliance

We want to make sure you have the right number to call to get your questions answered about your patients. If one of your patients works for a company listed in the table at the end of this article, contact National Alliance instead of Blue KC.

In a partnership with Blue KC and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, National Alliance provides administrative services for more than 25 Administrative Services Only (ASO) groups based within the Blue KC territory.

Note: National Alliance does not include group numbers on ID cards. (The group number is not required for providers to file claims).

See the following table for the updated names of our ASO groups using National Alliance in 2024, along with the Customer Service Number and Group Prefix:

Group Name Service Center Phone Prefix
American Century Services 1-833-468-3384 AFK
  • Americo Services Inc. – Americo
  • Imperial PFS – IPFS
  • Clinical Reference Laboratory – CRL
1-888-495-9340 KPM
Archdiocese of Kansas City 1-888-495-9340 KDC, KBU
Black & Veach 1-833-644-1298 KAF, KGJ, KJC, KPM
Burns & McDonnell 1-833-578-1131 KPM
Commerce Bancshares, Inc. 1-888-495-9340 GXV
Community Hospital of Fairfax 1-888-495-9340 KUS
Daily's Premium Meats 1-888-495-9340 DMG
Dairy Farmers of America 1-833-644-1302 KBM, KCP, KFL, KTM, KGB, KJS, KWB, KDE
Evergy, Inc. 1-833-592-1273 KPM
Evergy JT 1-833-592-1274 KPM
Family Guidance Center 1-888-495-9340 FGX
Hillyard Industries, Inc. 1-888-495-9340 HLJ
Hillyard, Inc. 1-888-495-9340 HIL
JE Dunn Construction Group, Inc. 1-855-212-4661 DUX
Murphy-Hoffman Company 1-888-495-9340 MHA, MUP, MHS, MHJ
Netsmart Technologies 1-888-468-3601 NAT
News - Press & Gazette Company 1-888-495-9340 KUS
Seaboard Corporation 1-888-495- EAB, SBY
Seaboard Triumph Foods 1-888-495-9340 IDS
Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. 1-888-495-9340 SVG
Terracon 1-855-229-5719 KPM
The University of Kansas Health System 1-833-468-3590 USK, USY
Triumph Foods, LLC 1-888-495-9340 UVF
University Health (Formerly Truman Medical Center) 1-888-495-9340 FTR, IYJ
ValueHealth (NueHealth) 1-888-495-9340 NUE
WellSky 1-888-495-9340 KBU, KPM
Western Missouri Medical Center 1-855-215-0280 WSN

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Community Investment

Shut Out the Stigma

Blue KC and the Royals have been furthering efforts to Shut Out the Stigma with the full-length documentary, Not Good Enough. The film was recently awarded gold and silver status at the local American Advertising Awards, also called the “ADDY Awards.” The documentary, which is a joint production between Blue KC and the Kansas City Royals, pulls back the curtain on youth sports and takes an emotional look at the toll it can have on kids. Over a year in the making, the film interviews Kansas City area parents, coaches, children, and mental health professionals to create a compelling narrative detailing how the pressures placed upon student-athletes can severely impact their mental health.

The film debuted on October 9, 2023, in recognition of World Mental Health Day and as part of an ongoing effort to Shut Out the Stigma. Shut Out the Stigma, a partnership between the Kansas City Royals and Blue KC – the Official Health Insurance Partner of the Royals – promotes behavioral health as a part of overall health and well-being while focusing on removing the stigma surrounding mental health. The program raised nearly $30,000 in 2023 in support of local community organizations and debuted a series of Shut Out the Stigma letter installations, titled “Open Letter".

Not Good Enough is now available to stream for free by visiting For additional information, content, and resources, visit

Nominate a Blue KC Coach with Character

Coaches with Character

“You guys are coaches for life.” That was George Brett’s message to the 2023 Blue KC Coaches with Character at a celebration of the six honorees last year.

Each honoree is a high school sports coach nominated for their leadership of young athletes on and off the field. Each carries forward a legacy of growing amateur sports in the Kansas City area and making our community a better place to live, work and play.

Through a partnership with the Kansas City Royals, the Blue KC Coaches with Character program recognizes coaches nominated by former students, colleagues, fellow coaches, and friends. Know a coach who’s making a difference? Click here to nominate him/her today as a Blue KC Coach with Character.

One honoree per month is selected April through September and:

  • Is recognized on field during the opening pitch ceremony
  • Is interviewed by the Royals on social media
  • Receives a VIP gift package and tickets to the game
  • Attends a year-end celebration with other honorees

Blue KC will donate $2,500 per honoree to C You In The Major Leagues to fund mentoring, life skill development, educational enhancements, and chances to serve in the community for Kansas City students.

Nominate a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan

Sporting KC

Blue KC Sporting Samaritans recognize rockstars in the education community for their hard work and sacrifice. Blue KC and Sporting Kansas City have teamed up to offer this exclusive program that highlights students and teachers in the KC-metro area. To recognize a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan, click here.

Honorees are recognized monthly during pregame festivities at Sporting KC home matches at Children’s Mercy Park. The Sporting Samaritan and three guests will also receive a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of the stadium, four tickets to the match, food and beverage, a parking pass, and a customized jersey. Plus, the group gets to meet former Sporting KC legend Matt Besler and current player Kayden Pierre and have a photo taken on the field!

Each nominator of the selected Sporting Samaritan will receive two tickets to the recognition match and a parking pass.

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Health Equity

Unlocking Implicit Bias

Earlier this year, Blue KC was proud to host two accredited Implicit Bias Training sessions for more than 100 healthcare professionals at Union Station in Kansas City, MO. Titled “Unlocking Implicit Bias: How Our Hidden Attitudes Impact Patient Care”, Dr. Jabraan Pasha, MD, explored implicit bias in a straightforward, compassionate and engaging discussion. The training addressed unconscious biases and promoted diversity and inclusion in various settings.

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Provider Portal Enhancements


Blue KC’s Provider Portal is now better than ever! Our powerful digital tool for providers can be accessed 24/7 with the click of a button!

Provider Portal Features include:

Blue KC is proud of recent enhancements that were made to the Portal.

A new-look home page gives you one- to two-click access to core health insurance functions, including member eligibility and benefits, prior authorization, claims inquiry and remittances.

The new enhancements provide quicker account registration and a much easier prior authorization experience. To learn more, click here to view a written summary and video about each enhancement.

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Contact Us

Please join the BlueSpeak email distribution list by sending a request to You can also use this email address to give us any feedback about BlueSpeak. We would love to hear from you!

If you have questions about any of these updates, please call the Blue KC Provider Hotline at 816-395-3929 for Commercial line of business, 866-508-7140 for Blue Medicare Advantage line of business or 866-859-3822 for the ACA Provider Hotline. We value and appreciate you as our partner in providing quality care.

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