Medicare Advantage

Note: Provider Contracting

It is your responsibility as a provider to know which networks you are contracted in. It’s important to note the Medicare Advantage lines of business have a smaller network of providers than our commercial network. This can impact the member/providers cost sharing and/or copay responsibility.

References Guide

The Blue KC Provider’s Guide has been developed to support you and your staff with basic, important information about Medicare Advantage plans with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. This guide is intended to assist you in understanding the key policies and procedures applicable to your practice or facility. Blue KC communicates changes and updates periodically through our newsletter – Blue Speak. The Provider’s Guide is periodically updated and may be subject to change.

Provider Reference Guide - Medicare Advantage

Quick Reference Guide - Medicare Advantage

MA Hospital Inpatient Quick Reference Guide

Additional Resources

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Waiver of Liability Statement

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Medicare Advantage Member Handbook

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